Once upon a time I would not dare wear a strong lip during daytime. Oh, the fun I’ve been missing out! I’ve always loved a strong lip, but thought I needed a special ocassion to wear it. I know lots of women in the movies wear red lips to work, but in real life (or at least in my own reality) they only do at the club or an evening gala. Now here’s the deal: when you find the most amazing, gorgeous red color lipstick, it’s really, really sad to keep it stored waiting for the right ocassion. And since these days I’m not exactly partying like crazy, something had to be done…

When you wear the perfect lip color it can do wonders for you. For. Me it’s the most amazing “pick me up” possible! A red lip puts right in the spotlight. You can’t be a wallflower when you wear a luscious lip color and if you just happen to fall in love with the color, like I did with this one, then your confidence is going to go through the roof! 😉

Products used

Bold Lips for Daytime




  • MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick (in All Out Gorgeous)