My dearest readers. If you folow me on social media (like Facebook, Google+, or Twitter) you are probaly aware I was basically off sick with tonsilitis (last time before this was a month ago!). I realize this is a disease only afflicts 10 year-olds, especially since most adults I know don’t even have tonsils…. but I digress… In any case I’ve had some time to think about the direction I want to take with the blog and I’ve decided to make a couple of changes (long story short: the blog will re-launch on October 1st.). Read on to know more of what will stay the same and what will change…

For the past couple of months I’ve been balancing having a day job and a successful blog (so I don’t need to have a day job, even though the one I have is quite nice), but somehow I’ve always felt something lacking to really boost readership and basically get revenue out of the blog (at least to keep up with the costs of running the blog). There is a wide variety of aspects I think need improvement. I can’t complain about the number of page visits I’m having (currently I have an average of 1000 unique visitors a month, which a pretty decent number, although not even close to the popular blogs out there!). But I’m really interested in increasing other metrics aside from just visits, mainly to do with reader engagement.
Here’s an overview of what’s coming up:

  • Topics will be the same, but organized differently. Posts will be more content-driven rather than “review-driven”. It doesn’t mean I won’t do reviews anymore, it just means they’ll be more context to those. In the end I rather enjoy those posts the most, so I’d like to focus more on them!
  • One thing I don’t quite understand is the very few comments I get on posts. I get lots of social media “likes”, and an comment here and there, but not on the blog. The new structure will encourage more participation. It doesn’t mean you have to participate, it just means the site is more conducive to participation. You’ll see.
  • I won’t be the only one writing. I’m in touch with a couple of people to help me expand on some of the existing topics. Again, encouraging participation and especially to give you access to a vaster pool of knowledge and experience.
  • For the time being, I don’t think I’ll be changing the name of the page because 1. I can’t think of another name just yet and 2…. actually that’s it. But as I’m adding an editorial team to the mix, this page will inevitably stop being just my report.
  • My social media presence will be sorted out a bit better because I feel I’m all over the place, but not using everything the best way I can. I have a totally neglected Google+ page because it is kind of a nightmare to post there, and I have had both a Tumblr and an Instagram account for ever, but I never, ever use them. So that’ll be sorted out

There you have it! On October 1st the new site will launch and if you already kind of liked my page before, you will now love adore it!

Toughts and comments are welcome (but I know you won’t say much at the moment – prove me wrong! Hehehe!)