Learning how to do your own makeup is easier than ever these days; although you could always go to a makeup counter and get a consultation, nowadays you don’t even have to leave your home to learn this art. Thanks to YouTube, many gurus have sprung up with their skills, some of them with many years of makeup artistry to back them up.
Here are 5 videos to get you started in the world of makeup:

Know the right colors for your skintone

The following two videos come via FAWN (For All Women Network), one of beatuy guru Michelle Phan’s many side projects. What is super cool about these videos is they are actually from Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist (gotta follow her, peeps!)

This a great way to start with makeup, once you are more experienced, try out different things, even the ones which would technically not look good on you. Sometimes you can find striking combinations that will make you look fabulous!

Using the right makeup tools

Would you paint your house using a tiny brush? Most would use a roller or a big fat brush. Same applies to your face. There are many brushes for different types of makeup application and in this video the famous Pixiwoo sisters demystify the concept of makeup brushes. This video is part of Daily Mix, a Youtube collaboration channel with several reknowned YouTubers from the UK.

On a side note, the Real Techniques brushes are fabulous for any makeup kit. If you don’t have them, get them (this is an affiliate link, by the way)

The importance of foundation

The older I get, the more importance you’ll give to foundation. Younger women tend to care more about foundation with skin concers like acne. Nevertheless, foundation is a very, very important part of any makeup application and in the following videos, Lisa Eldridge, celebrity makeup artist very useful tips on how to shop for foundation. In the first videos you learned about the right colors, this one is about how to make sure you are choosing the right one!

These two videos are part of Lisas’s foundation series, I highly recommend you watch all of these. She makes great product recommendations for different types of skin, so be sure to check those out

Highlighting and Contouring

The emphasis of highlighting and contouring is more of a recent trend. I’m not saying it’s didn’t exist before, makeup artists have been doing wonderfull things in previous decades in this area, but it is only in the last 5 years where this “art” has really taken off (I blame Kim Kardashian). Nowadays, most editorials in magazines are photoshopped, but sometimes you can achieve near perfection with makeup. Just check out Destiny Godley’s complexion perfection video below.

You don’t have to do all of the above unless you can spend hours doing your makeup everyday, but the concept of light/dark she uses is what you need to pay attention to. Start with a couple of face features (e.g. nose or cheeks) and then build up to more expert level.

If you are interested in a little makeup consultation you can always contact me and I can help you out with product recommendations that are right for you! One of the many perks of testing so many products for your reading pleasure! :)