This one was a completely random (and out of the blue) purchase after I read a post by Caroline Hirons talking about it. I wasn’t really looking for a new day moisturizer since I had just bought a new one to test. Well, folks, this was a very pleasant surprise!

Product Description:   We all want it: a moisturizer that instantly nourishes and hydrates skin deeply, while still remaining refreshing and lightweight on the skin. Our cream-to-water transformative moisturizer is the only spa cream to use hydrozome™ technology to immediately drench skin with over 10,000 marine micro-droplets and lock it in for lasting hydration that isn’t at all greasy. The cream can be used morning and night.

The product comes in plastic jar packaging containing 50 ml (1.7 oz) of product and retails at around 38€ (£29.50 or $38).  

What’s good about

  • This truly is another level of hydration! Your face feels super plump and moisturized right after applying
  • The texture is bizarrely pleasant. It’s almost like a gel texture on your hand, but as soon as you start applying on the face you can feel water drops there. It is surprisingly lightweight, too.
  • Price-wise is quite reasonable, especially considering that you don’t need a lot of product to cover your face and neck (therefore, should last you a while!)
  • This is a great product to apply under foundation (after a few minutes though). The formulation contains silicone, but you never get that “rolling” effect other silicon-heavy products give.
What’s not so good about it:

  • The jar packaging is always problematic for skincare products because it makes them more prone to contamination. I personally use a little scoop I have leftover from another product to not have to put my fingers in it.
  • It has some fragrance in it, which may be problematic for very sensitive skins

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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