I picked up this foundation because time and again I’ve heard how much this one is like CHANEL’s Vitalumiere foundation. Since I really like the latter, it was a good idea to try this one and see how it compares. I’ll do a proper “face-off” of the two, but for now, let’s look at this one in detail.

This product is described as:

Bourjois’ 1st radiance-boosting fruit therapy foundation for a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!
Its exquisite glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a flawless, yet natural finish.

It is important not to confuse Healthy Mix Foundation with Healthy Mix Serum, both are foundations, but the finish of the products are quite different. I’ve read conflicting reports about the difference between the two; so far I can only comment on Foundation and not on Serum.

What’s good about it

  • Nice medium coverage, totally buildable. I got lucky I found a nearly perfect shade match that works great in balancing my skin tome differences between my face and my neck
  • Lovely finish, quite moisturizing, but still semi-matte, which makes it great for combination skin
  • Contains some very nice skincare ingredients, especially nice are the “fruit extract mix” (apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an antioxidant, and ginger for energy). These ingredients provide a great fruity scent!
  • It is ridiculously affordable and available in most drugstores! It’s about 15€ which is a pretty sweet deal considering not a lot of drugstore brands provide such good quality foundation!
20130531-122913.jpg 20130531-122859.jpg


What’s not so good about it

  • No way it lasts 16 hours! It is still quite a long lasting product, for me it works for about 8 hours. Sure, depending on your skin type, prep and finish, the results may vary. But 16 hours? Don’t think so!
  • Available on 8 shades, the darker skin tones might not find a good match here. Lighter skin tones might get lucky, though

This is an amazing foundation for every day use, and the fact that it’s so affordable makes it an even better deal!

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