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There is such a thing as “love at first sight” actually, better make it “love at first try“. Having tried the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (and loving it!) I knew I had to get my hands on this product. How did it do? The result will surprise no one (least of all, me!)

Product Description:   With a range of sublte, easy-to-wear beiges, HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION frees women from their fears of using foundation and gives every skin tone a lasting healthy glow. The soft and comfortable texture glides over the skin and melts away. It adapts to the shape of the face and invisibly follows its every movement. The texture becomes imperceptible and allows the skin to breathe freely, while protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. The complexion is evened-out and enhanced with a sheer finish. As if revived, it displays the freshness and radiance of beautiful skin in the great outdoors. 14 shades in a compact travel-friendly bottle for easy application with fingertips. The perfection of a natural glow. Retail price is 47€ approximately (or around £36, price in US$ not available, only launches there March 2016) for 30 ml of product.  

What’s good about it

  • The finish is absolutely flawless. Your skin will look “perfected”, but in a very natural, subtle way.
  • your face feels very plump and fresh after applying. One of the main ingredients of this hyaluronic acid which helps in creating this effect.
  • It has a light to medium coverage and it’s buildable. That means you really don’t need a lot to get good coverage (I typically do one pump for all over the face, another one on the center of my face where there is more redness)
  • It has a decent longevity on the face, looks quite ok for at least half a day; I can manage to make it last longer with primer and powder.
  • The glass bottle packaging looks very chic and it uses a pump system to dispense the product
What’s not so good about it

  • Well, it’s Chanel and it’s not cheap. But if the product works for you, it’s absolutely worth the price!
  • usually Chanel products tend to be heavily scented, but this one seemed to have gone a little overboard on the fragrance department. That might be an issue if you have sensitive skin
  • Not all countries will have all shades available. I think most countries would have at least 9 shades. And as it’s very common with lots of brands if you are quite fair or quite dark, you might not find the right shade here.

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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