Going to the store to find something else, I stumbled upon this new collection and fell in love with the colors! The store I visited was out of thetwo items I really wanted and so was another nearby store from the same chain. Faith meant for me to have this because as I walked away I ended up in a little store that did have the items I wanted in stock!

The new collection is described as:

The symbols of good fortune that Gabrielle Chanel loved most inspire Fall’s enchanting colour collection. In vibrant shades from coral to intense pink, new LE BLUSH CRÈME DE CHANEL sets off sumptuous khaki tones of eyeshadow, mascara and polish. Coordinating lipsticks seamlessly pair with the new blush for a playful colour match.

This collection contains 20 items (both permanent and Limited Edition) for face, eyes, lips, and nails. Limited Edition items are identified below with “LE”
All photos from the CHANEL website (US)


Le Blush Crème de CHANEL


From left: 61-Destiny, 62-Presage (LE), 63-Révélation


From left: 64-Inspiration (LE), 65-Affinité, 66-Fantastic (LE)


Les 4 Ombres



Ombre Essentielle


From left: Gestlogist-Gri-Gri (LE), 99-Hasard

Le Volume de CHANEL


40-Khaki Bronze

Stylo Yeux Waterproof


Gestlogist-Khaki Précieux


Coco Rouge


From left: 57-Mystique, 55-Icône

Coco Rouge Shine


From left: 85-Secret (LE), 86-Instinct (LE), 87-Rendez-Vous (LE), 88-Esprit (LE)


Les Vernis


From left: Èlixir, Alchimie, Mysterious

What will I review? I will be reviewing for the time being a Coco Rouge Shine, a nail polish, and one of those lovely cream blushes. Changed my mind and got me the shadows quad and the liner!
Should you consider this collection? Yes because the colors are wearable in every season, but also combine beautifully to create more trendy looks. The CHANEL lip products are exceptionally good usually, so that is a good start if you are new to the brand!