With summer right around the corner, it’s time to talk about sunscreen. Sure, you probably want to have summer-appropriate skin (in other words, tanned), but it is extremely important to protect yourself from the lasting damage the sun can provide. Here’s one option…

Product Description:


A specialist very high sun protector and anti-ager in one, for face and décolleté. Smart multi-cellular protection. Moisturises. Anti-ageing. Dark spot protection. Contains a high-performance multi-filter complex composed of the best, internationally recognized UVA-UVB filters. Phyto-Sunactyl 2 (a combination of extracts of senna, pea, plane tree, olive tree and baobab) protects epidermal cells from sun stress.


The product comes in a flexible plastic tube with 75 ml of product and retails at around 20 – 23 € (£19 or $20).

What’s good about it

  • It has a very good texture that blends easily and quickly
  • It doesn’t leave too much of the typical white cast you get with physical sunscreen
  • Absords relatively quick, for sunscreen
  • This is a broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning it protects from both UVB and UVA rays. You always want both in your sunscreen!
  • On the packaging end, it’s a plastic tube, so dispensing the product is straightforward and easy
  • The product is suitable for a wide variety of skin types. Dry and combination will find it most satisfying
What’s not so good about it

  • It’s a bit on the pricier side, for sunscreen
  • Those with oily skin may be a put put off by the fact it will, right after application, make your skin look oilier (but it’s only temporary, as the product will be absorbed)
  • As with most sunscreens, if you do not wash properly, you may experience breakouts / clogged pores. So always double cleanse when using it on your face!
  • The description in the US, which I used here says it provides an “even tan”, while the UK site says nothing of the sort. In any case, this is a misleading claim. There should be no tanning with this product when applied correctly!

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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