The look of the 1940s and 1950s speaks glamour and pure style. Minimal eyeshadow, strong liner and lashes, flawless complexion and gorgeous red lips are the signature aspects of this look. One of the great things about this look? It’s timeless! It does help as well the fact this “vintage” trend has been growing strong the past couple of years, especially in recreating the looks of Hollywood’s golden age movie stars.

Today’s tutorial will show you how to achieve a wonderful vintage 1940s / 1950s inspired look. Read on to find out how….

1. Apply face primer with your hands to even out your skin. Here I’m using Smashbox primer
2. Apply foundation using a brush. I used Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus Foundation (in shade 03) with a Lauren Luke Foundation brush
3. Prime your eyes using a product such as Urban Decay Primer Potion

1. Fill in your brows using an angled brush and a shade darker than your hair color. I’m using a brown matte liner from Sephora’s Colorful Palette in Almost Nude 09 with Lauren Luke’s Angled brush
2. Apply a light matte or with just a bit of shimmer beige color on your lid and up to the crease. I used Virgin from my Urban Decay Naked palette with a Lauren Luke Flat brush
3. Apply a matte brown shade on the crease and softly blend in a window wiper motion. I used Buck from my Urban Decay Naked palette with a MAC 217 brush.

1. Using a black liquid or gel liner, line your upper lash line starting thinner at the inner corner and making thicker towards the end. And don’t forget to wing it! I have used MAC Penultimate Eyliner
2. With a light or yellow pencil, line your waterline to open up the eyes. Here I’m using MAKE UP FOR EVER Concealer pencil
3. Using the same black or gel liner, very softly line the lower lash line. Normally the lower lash line was not typically strong, but I need to do so to avoid my eyes looking small. Again, I’m using MAC Penultimate Eyliner

1. Coat your lashes (both top and bottom) with mascara. I’m using one of my latest favorites, NYC Showtime Volumizing Mascara. An optional step is using fake lashes to really make your eyes pop and add a dash of old fashioned glamour to the look

1. Apply concelear under the eyes and any other areas where there are still visible imperfections or redness. I have applied Korres Wild Rose Brightening Concealer (in shade WRC2) under my eyes and around my nose using a Real Techniques crease brush
2. And now for a little color back on the face! In the 1940s and 1950s rouge was a common enhancement for one’s complexion. I’m using a very soft Maybelline ExpertWear blush in 73 Pink Amber, applied with a Lauren Luke Contour brush
3. To achieve the “flawless face” of these decades (and to set the whole makeup in place), apply translucent powder. I’m using MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Powder, applied with a The Body Shop kabuki brush

1. Line your lips with vibrant red lip liner. The 1940s and 1950s were known for makeup accentuating the lips, giving them this luscious look. I’m using a Rituals Long Lasting Lip Pencil in Gipsy, ensuring a rounded outline which will make my lips look fuller
2. Top it off with a red lipstick. I’m applying Rituals Cream & Care Lipstick in Attention with a Gosh Professional lip brush
3. Since the lipstick I have applied is nice and creamy, I will not apply any lipgloss (plus, that wasn’t customary in those decades). However, if you feel you need some, make sure not to overdo it!

And we are done!