The name of this product is just to whimsical to pass. Just tell people you just bought yourself a “chubby stick” and expect a lot of surprised looks (and then they’ll be dissappointed when you show the actual chubby stick you purchased!). This color lip balm is “super-nourishing” because it is “loaded with mango and shea butters,” which makes it great for dry lips. It comes in sixteen colors (all with equally funny names).

So, is this product more than just funny names?

  • Mega Melon
  • Oversized Orange
  • Curvy Candy
  • Mighty Mimosa
  • Two Ton Tomato
  • Woppin’ Watermelon
  • Super Strawberry
  • Chunky Cherry
  • Pudgy Peony
  • Voluptuous Violet
  • Graped-Up
  • Heaping Hazelnut
  • Whole Lotta Honey
  • Bountiful Blush
  • Fuller Fig
  • Richer Raisin


What good about it

  • Although this was part of the Summer 2012 collection I think this is prefect for winter because it’s texture is really nourishing and soft, perfect for keeping lips moisturized!
  • The shades are gorgeous and really delicate. Perfect for a “no makeup” makeup look
  • Clinique is a widely available brand. A lot of department and beauty stores carry it, so you can find it anywhere
  • It is reasonably priced (about 12 to 13 euros depending on where you buy)
  • I love the packaging/presentation of it in pencil form. Luckily it is not a pencil you need to sharpen, just needs a twist of the bottom cap to get more product out

What’s not so good about it

  • Because I’ve been using my regular tinted lip balm, I found the taste/scent a little off-putting at the beginning, but I think it is pretty ok and not terrible
  • Since it is lip balm, don’t expect too much color payoff, nor for it to be long lasting. Needs to be reapplied to keep the color

I really love it, I think Clinique is a great brand and this product definitely makes them proud!

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