I had never, ever heard of this mascara before the good people at Cult Beauty told me it is the “best mascara ever”. Now, once you hear a statement like this you can either be skeptical or excited, but for sure it gets your attention! In my case I felt there was 90% chance I was going to agree with that statement because this site already has a curated selection of some of the best beauty stuff out there (hence why I partnered with them in my shop)

Anyway, this mascara is AWESOME and considering I’ve tried other amazing mascaras I totally swear by, this statement is a pretty big deal. You really have to read on…

Buy d.j.v Beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara

The Fiberwig® LX mascara is one of two mascaras by Japanese brand d.j.v. beautenizer. It is described as:

A technological advancement in a tube. The brush-on fiber extensions, a false lash formula applied like mascara encapsulates each lash within an intensive fiber-rich film. The more fibers you add, the longer your lashes become, giving you natural-looking long lashes without the fuss. The result is a beautifully long lashes with a glossy-black finish. This budge-proof formula is also fragrance-free and leaves your eyes irritation-free.

What’s good about it

  • It is a very soft, fluid formula. When applying it provides a very rich, nourishing feel to the lashes
  • Interestingly, the richness of the formula does not translate into clumps! The resulting look is extremely natural
  • The natural coating effect does not mean you don’t get a nice extending a volumizing effect… You do and it does so beautifully!
  • Now this is the really fun part: it it’ll stay on easily for over 12 hours and it will not smudge or have any fallout. Not even if applied to the bottom lashes. I know, right? Magical!
  • And this bad boy is waterproof! Well kind of…
  • You see it is not entirely waterproof because ou can actually remove with a little warm water. Seriously, this is the easiest waterproof mascara to remove, ever!
  • Contains conditioning oils (Panthenol, natural silk and botanical extracts) to give your lashes the care and protection they deserve. Since I don’t have that many to begin with (and they are not that long either), then this is important

To give you an idea of the size of the product, 7.9 ml (0.29 oz.)

Buy d.j.v Beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara


View of the crescent shaped brush

What’s not so good about it

  • Well, the easy to remove aspect is relative…. If you just wear this product on its own, then yes, but of course wearing it with primer, shadow, you know, the works, will just make a big ol’ mess. Not because of the mascara itself, of course.
  • You get a nice extension and “curling” effect, but it’s not like “woooooah!”, at least not with one coat
  • It’s in the pricier range at (or roughly 20.5€). Not the most expensive one out there, though (a similar one, the Diorshow Overcurl – review coming up – is nearly 10€ more!)

Guess which side has this mascara on… Applied to both top and bottom lashes, 1 coat only)

Buy d.j.v Beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara

To me personally the above not so good points don’t really change my mind about this baby: I love it! And because I want to share the love, when you buy this product with something else (so your total purchases amount to at least £25) you will get free shipping  (See * for restrictions). Yay! Make sure you enter the code PAOLABEAUTY at checkout.

Hurry up though, this will only be valid until the 22nd March (2013, for those of you reading from the future)

Paola’s mood after using this product:

Full Disclosure: I received this product sample from the site. Do note this is NOT a paid ad for this product; I gave it a try like every other product I’d buy. Free products don’t equate to guaranteed good reviews!

*Free shipping is not applicable to Escentric Molecules products