If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t what are you waiting for? A formal invitation? Let me know in the comment and I will send you one. Or you can just go here and click “Like”) then you read about my weird allergic reaction / burn that left me with pain, not only in the face but in my ego. This post is not about how I got that horrible reaction (I’ll leave that for aother post) but how I go better from it.

Read on to find out how this was the only thing I could put on my face and actually helped me heal!

Product Description:


The Dr. Hauschka products simulate the skin’s natural activity and help re-establish its balance. Rose Day Cream is a formula for dry and sensitive skin described as a rich, luxurious daily moisturizer. Soothing rose ingredients nurture and renew sensitive, dry and weather-damaged skin. Protects skin against dryness and soothes red, irritated skin and couperose.


The product comes in an aluminium tube with 30 ml (1 FL Oz.) of cream. It retails at around 20€ in Europe (£28 in UK, $42 in US. The furthest from Europe it seems it gets more expensive!)

What’s good about it

  • It provides an amazing moisturizing dose to skin that really needs it. You can almost automatically see the results
  • When applied to irritated skin, it is not only gentle with it, but it will actually help soothe it. I could not put anything else on my face, even water hurt, but this cream was a savior!
  • After continous daily use, your skin will feel plump and healthy, almost rejuvenized! I’m really loving the texture of my skin at the moment
  • It has a lovely, soothing smell. Although Dr. Hauschka advices against using at night (due to the theory that at night the skin re-balances itself) I have because the dryness was extreme, plus, it kind of helps me sleep
  • As a skin primer under your foundation it is absolutely brilliant! Certain formulas (like this one) can run a little dry in order to make them more matte, which sucks when you have dry patches on the skin. When I put this cream, that problem is gone!
  • It contains no chemical or synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives
What’s not so good about it

  • I’m not sure how this will do in the warmer months, even if your skin is dry. The formula is really, really oily. For sure this is a cream for the colder season. We’ll see how it works in the summer

I am in love with this cream. I did not think initially I was going to fully like it on account of how greasy it felt the first time. But then my allergy happened and not my skin looks better than before the allergy! This cream will only work on people with dry skin or combination skin with dry patches. I only apply on the dry areas and leave the rest as is.

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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