For the record: I’m not a spokesperson for the companies that sell the products below, nor do they pay me / give me free goodies for promoting them (but they should!!!). I used them because I like them, they give me good results, hence this review.

I’ve never been big on makup until recently, when I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube (check out these channels for some my favorite makeup tutorials: Michelle Phan, Lauren Luke) I don’t know how this is for you, but trying to come up with a look that is quick and easy for everyday that I actually have time to do (rarely) was a challenge. But with the products below I have found out I can put on makeup pretty quickly for any ocassion and look fairly decent, I even dare to say “pretty”.

Makeup routine time benchmark: 5 minutes. Could be 10 depending on the tools you use and how skilled an “eyeliner” you are.

Tools required:

Foundation brush

Angled brush

Blush brush


Shading brush

Blending brush

First 4 brushes by Ecotools ; brush 4 by ZoEva

Products used:

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer

This is one delicious foundation. It is a combination between Clinique’s Moisture Surge (which I reviewed in an earlier post) and a regular foundation. I highly, highly recommend this product!

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

This is a great product because it takes the whole figuring out what color suits your skin. This one is invisible which mean it will match all skin tones. Brilliant!

Clarins Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette

This bad boy is probably one of the most useful products I have in my purse. It contains 3 colors you can blend to match your eyebrow color. These can be used as eyeliner and even eyeshadow if you wish. There is wax to help set the eyebrows in shape. And some small tools to keep your eyebrows picture perfect: a small brush a double foam and angled brush in one and mini tweezers.

Rituals Eyeliner Pencil

What’s so great about this eyeliner is that is is rich and lush, and glides so easily it makes lining your eyes like child’s play. The pencil comes with a smudging brush on the other end.

Rituals Sunglow Pink compact

Like the eyebrow kit, this is one of those products that can mirror as many things: blush, bronzer (for the winter months at least), highlighter, and eyeshadow even!

Clinique’s High Impact Mascara in Black

This is a nice mascara I happen to have at the moment. I don’t find it particularly spectacular, but it does the job. Plus, beign Clinique it’s pretty gentle on your eyes.

Bath & Body Work’s Liplicious lip gloss in Whipped Vanilla

Now this is one tasty lip gloss. Tastes just as good as it smells. Perfectly kissable pout!


Let’s begin! Our subject recently had a awesome hair makeover , but her face does not convey the excitement over this change:

Very important first step: moisturize your face! Nothing looks worse than applying makeup on really dry skin. It makes you look older and wrinkly. Never a great look!

Using the foundation brush, apply Clinique’s Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer

This foundation provides great coverage and can replace concealer (if you have some really stubborn dark circles, you may need to use some, though)

Next, using the sponge coming with the compact, apply Clinique’s Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder. Don’t forget to apply gently under the eyes!

Using the angled brush, apply the correct color on your eyebrows from the Clarins Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette. Start in the middle and work your way towards the end. Then (without putting more color on the brush), apply at the beginning of the brow. You don’t want to define them too much.

Now it is time for the eyes. Using the Shading brush, dab a little pink from the Eyebrow Kit and apply to the upper lid

Clean your brush and now dab the lightest eyebrow color and apply in the crease, doing sort of a window wiping motion

Wipe your brush again and now apply the middle eyebrow color. Using the edge of the brush, apply the color to the outer “V”

Now blend it all using the blending brush. The objective is to tone down any harsh lines. Don’t blend too much, though, or your efforts above would’ve been pointless!


Dab the tip of your clean shading brush with the middle color of the Rituals Sunglow Pink compact. Apply this to each tearduct. This will brighten up your eyes.


Using the Rituals Eyeliner Pencil in Brown, line a think line on your upper lid. Make sure you get real close to the lash line. Make a funny face as you do this. It’s almost required!


Now it’s time for the lower lid, but this time do a very subtle line. This is everyday makeup, not night out on the town (so there’s your tip to turn this into a night look)


Take the smudger at the other end of the Eyeliner Pencil and blend both upper and lower lines


If you have time, take a tiny break. I recommend M&Ms to pass the time


Now it’s time for a little blush and some extra glow. Once again take the Rituals Sunglow Pink compact, and using the powder brush, blend a generous amount and apply to the apple of your cheeks. Smiling is required at this step


For extra glow, apply also in the areas where the sun would usually tan your face: forehead, nose, and chin. The next step is mascara. Never underestimate that certain “pop” you get from a little mascara. Using Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, apply to the upper lashes


Finally, apply a little gloss. Bath & Body Work’s Liplicious in Whipped Vanilla will do the trick


And you are done! This is certainly a look I could pull off for work. If only I wasn’t always running to catch my train!


Now let’s make sure the gorgeous hair is displayed in all its glory!


And voila! We are done!