As introduced in Part I, in this post we are going to create this very easy day look that is so simple, you will be able to pull this off rather easily.

For this look we are going to need:
Foundation: Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector, in Light / Medium (review here!)
Mascara: Bourjois Volume Max Waterproof Mascara (review here!)
Lip Color: Sugar Lip Treatment, in Plum (review here!)

**Optional** (not everyone will need these)
Concealer, corrector, and loose powder in one: Laura Mercier Undercover Pot (review here!)
Tools: Sephora Pretty in Pink Travel Brush set, the blush brush. Any blush, foundation, or maybe even a kabuki brush will do, I like the one from this set because is small and compact, perfect for my makeup bag

Let’s begin!

Ensure you have a clean and moisturized face before you start your makep application. I’ll leave the why of this step for a different post (it truly deserves it).

Use the right formulation for your skin. I’m using Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Moisturizer

Now we begin the makeup application by using Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector.

1. Apply a small amount of the product in the back of your hand
2. Start by applying the product with your hands in the middle of your face and work your way outwards (usually the middle is area that needs more coverage)
3. Apply on your neck as well to have a more even look.


The picture does not do it justice, but the coverage is truly remarkable. Of course, the idea is not to have a full-on “cake face”; natural finish is what we’re going for, which is perfect. Now, I have added some additional optional steps below for when you need additional coverage (blemishes, dark circles, etc.) and/or have an oil-prone skin (like I do around the T-Zone)

Being an engineer, I had to do a process flow kind of graph

2a. If you need more coverage, apply concealer with your fingers on the areas you need. I’m using Laura Mercier’s Undercover Pot (love, love, love!)
2b. If you need to mattify the shine on oily areas of your skin, you have 2 choices: you can apply the Loose Powder available in Laura Mercier Undercover Pot by using a blush brush, like the one I’m using from the Sephora Pretty in Pink Travel Brush Set, OR use Bourjois Bio-Detox Organic Perfecting Powder. I noticed for the latter the application with the brush actually made my pores look bigger, but with the sponge that comes with the product it was quite ok.

Apply the absolutely fabulous Bourjois Volume Max Waterproof Mascara and enjoy the magic of this product!

1. Apply mascara on the top lashes by tilting you head back a bit and making sure you rotate the wand a bit to get as much of the product as possible.
2. Apply mascara on the bottom lashes, but be very, very careful! The brush is actually pretty big for the bottom lashes, so you could smudge! If you accidentally do, grab a q-tip and remove from skin before mascara dries.
Tip: if you want to make lashes look fuller, apply another coat after the first. This mascara is waterproof and trust me, it’ll stay on all day!

For the lips, I’m using my favorite Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum. It serves a double purpose as both tinted and moisturizing balm.

1. Apply balm on lips
2. Check if you like the tone. If more required apply more, if less, blot with a tissue.

And now, you are done!

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