Once upon a time, I did not wear makeup, unless I had some sort of formal party to attend. So doing your entire face on a daily basis was a big no-no for me. I’m sure there are many of you out there like this. Whether you don’t have the time to deal with makep in the morning, or just can picture yourself going through countless of products or brushes.
Then I started loving makeup. I started experimenting with brushes, products and ended up having a whole cupboard at home only for makeup stuff. A lot of the stuff I have is amazing and since I love variety, I must have choices for my look. I’m also pretty sure there are many of you out there who, like me, have spend a small fortune on makeup products and when travelling and dealing with liquids restrictions on hand luggage are so desperately hopeless.

This post addresses all of the above. Inspired by this Lazy Girl’s Guide to Grooming I put on a quest to find a look that would use the least amount of product and preferably affordable!

Now, different ocassions require different makep applications (i.e. going to your office job vs. going clubbing) and sometimes the most natural look requires a looooot of product, like this one(funny, uh?). So I’m going to start off with a “base look” and jazz it up for different ocassions and or skin situations. Because these ocassions and situations are so different I have used a pool of 7 products to use according to these. I’ve chosen the products based on the following criteria:

Let’s begin! Using the same products in different ways I have come up with 3 different looks. The differences are a bit subtle I think, but do convey the ocassion they are meant to be wore to.

Number 1 is me with nothing on but a smile and a horrible, horrible cold. Luckily my skin is, except for the subtle redness around my nose from all the tissues that have been rubbing the area, pretty nice. The rosacea’s been at bay this season.
Number 2 is my easy day look, and when I mean easy I mean this one is complicated in comparisson. Click here to learn how to get this look.
Number 3 is an subtle evening look for, say after work drinks. Suitable especially for these summer nights when it gets dark pretty late. Click here to learn how to get this look.
Number 4 is a fun night out look, for dinner, clubbing, etc., because it is simple, yet bright and shiny and very important, waterproof! Click here to learn how to get this look.

I hope you enjoy these!