Winter is traditionally know as one of those seasons when makeup colors get darker, heavier, and fuller. And since the holidays are coming now, it is a spectacular opportunity to flaunt your best party look. And what best way to show your holiday spirit than with lots and lots of gold! Gold is one of the makeup colors of the season; several holiday makeup collections (like Dior Fall/Winter 2012) have featured different shades of beautiful, shimmering gold in their palettes.

I decided to create a tutorial using different shades of gold, just in time for the holiday season. If not now, then else are you gonna show some bling? Then I stumbled upon this photo (available after the jump) which I thought was a perfect showcase of the trend and the season.


Emily Blunt at the Gotham Independent Film Awards 2012 last week (November 28th, 2012). Photo via Makeup For Life

Her look, from the wardrobe to the makeup is entirely Calvin Klein. The look is fairly simple to achieve, in fact, the original products listed used in Blunt’s makeup were a CK eyeshadow quad as eyeshadow and highlight, CK bronzer, and foundation. Of course, there’s an array of other products used, as you can see her skin is pretty flawless! So here’s my attemp to recreate this look. It may not be exactly the same since I have exactly ZERO CK makeup products and I don’t have Blunt’s fair skin and blue eyes…..

Note: I’ll be updating the review hyperlinks of some of the products featured in this tutorial; don’t forget to check back regularly!


  1. Apply primer on your clean and moisturized face. I really need this smoothing effect of primer since the start of the fall my skin gor really dry and has broke out a bit. I’m using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  2. Using a foundation brush, buff a liquid foundation on your skin. I’m using Diorskin Nude foundation in 030 with a Lauren Luke foundation brush
  3. Primer your eyes. This step is important if you have oily lids like I do. You can skip this if you don’t feel it’s necessary. I do recommend it, though, because that way your shadow will last longer. I’m using my favorite Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin.


  1. Eyebrows do not need to be super perfect in this look, but at least they leed to be groomed and filled of you have sparse hairs in the area like I do. Here I’m using a Maybelline brow pencil. I comb the hair up with the brush to see where I need to fill them in.


  1. Using a warm, but light gold shade (make sure it is not too orangy) apply shadow on about half to 3/4 of the lid, starting from the inner corner of the eye. Apply only up to the crease, don’t go beyond. Here I’m using a MAC Pigment in Blonde’s Gold with a Lauren Luke Flat Shadow brush
  2. With a darker golden shade (something leaning towards dark bronze) apply to the outer V and blend in with the lighter color, creating a gradient. You can enhace and blend on the crease further in a window wiper motion. Here I’m using the color Smog from the Urban Decay Naked Palette with a MAC 217 blending brush.
  3. Using the same shade for the outer v, run the color on your lower lash line. I used the same Lauren Luke Flat Shadow brush and dipped in Smog.


  1. The look uses what some like to call the “no liner” liner. This simply means we need to tightline the upper lash line. Gently lifting the lid, I applied liner to the top waterline. This creates the illussion of fuller lashes and intensifies the look without ovewhelming the soft colors. I used a Clinique Gel Liner in Black Honey applied with a brandless liner brush.
  2. Although the picture does not show any liner on the top lash line, I decided to apply some of the same shade for the tightline to add a bit of depth. The Black Honey color is very complementary to shadow shades!
  3. Apply mascara to your top lashes. Here I’m using the latest magical mascara I have, Eyeko Skinny Brush mascara. I was so engrossed with the beautiful gold colors on my face and eyes I completely forgot to apply mascara until after I applied lipstick…..that’s why I look a little more “made up” here, 😉


  1. Once the eyes are done, apply concealer under your eyes (and thus cleaning out any fallout from the shadows) and in any other areas where there is redness. Here I’m using Cinique’s All About Eyes concealer in 03, using the same Lauren Luke Foundation brush.
  2. This look is all about bronze cheeks! Apply the color in the hollows of the cheeks (hence the pouty face you see there). You need to load up the brush with the color and apply on a straight line up and down the hollow and then blend out in a circular motion. I used a Rituals Natural Bronzing Powder in Sun Kissed with a Lauren Luke Contour brush.
  3. Around this time, the app I used to create this layout kind of crashed and would not work properly when restarted….that’s why the next pictures may have a weird pixelated look. By the way this third photo doesn’t show any specific step. I just needed something to fill out this spot, :-p


  1. The Dior foundation I used is already pretty luminous, however; a little illuminator could really add a little more dimension and glow to my face. Apply this on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. I used NARS Illuminator in Copacabana and blended with my finger. In the picture you can see I applied too much, so I used the contour brush and blended a bit and it worked out perfectly!
  2. Apply highlight to the brow bone using a lighter shade than those used in the eyes. I’m using an Ivory Aqua Cream from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Tango palette (with the brush included)
  3. With the same color, apply around the tear ducts.


  1. In some of the pictures I saw she seems to be wearing a very nude (almost like she is only wearing lip balm) and in other photos (like the one I posted at the beginning of this tutorial) looks like a peachy, shimmery color. I don’t do peachy, so I went with my Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick in Sugared Maple.
  2. For a little extra shine, I applied a little bit of lip gloss. I used Bath & Body Works Liplicious in Whipped Vanilla.
  3. And once again, here’s a photo I used as filler. My husband thought I looked like I smelled a stinky fart in this photo, I thought I looked cute. I’ll let you decide for yourself!

And we are done!