“Totally random purchase” is the best way to describe this product. I read somewhere this brand is Belgian, and since I live in Belgium I had to give it a try. How did it do?

Product Description:


The harmony of three floral waters (Bulgarian Rose, hamamelis, orange flower) to cleanse, calm and tone. Red patches fade away, the pores tighten (under the astringent effect). Well-moisturised, your skin is purified. So fresh, you’re fully on form! Apply joyfully on the face and the neck with the help of a cotton wipe in the morning, before your day cream and in the evening once you have removed your makeup. Suitable for all skins. Ideal for oily skins.


The product comes comes in a 5.07 FL Oz plastic bottle with a spray pump. Retails at €22.50

What’s good about it

  • Provides a nice sensation of freshness when applied. The rose part of the formulation is probably the reason
  • It’s also very hydrating. In those cases of removing copious amounts of makeup, after a double cleanse, when your face is just really in the mood to go to sleep, this product feels like a dream.
  • Works great at a cleanser, too. I use it as a hydrating toner daily (both am and pm) and in the mornings it is actually my cleanser. I just wash / rinse my face in the shower (no product) and when I come out I apply this with a cotton bud
  • Helps a lot with redness, thanks to the witch hazel it contains.
  • If “less synthetics” is your thing in beauty product formulations, you’ll be happy this one doesn’t contain parabens or sulfates
  • The plastic bottle is recyclable. You need to detach the pump part (which goes in the normal trash) and the rest goes in the PMD.
What’s not so good about it

  • It’s more than just “rose water”, but even so it’s pricey. 22.50€ may not sound like a lot, but this will last about 2 months (if used twice a day, as I do)
  • The packaging and the website use words such as “biodegradable”, “organic”, and “natural”, but it also doesn’t say according to whom.

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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