A lot of women wonder what the purpose of a product like primer would be (men who somewhat care are even more baffled by the purpose of this). Are you one of those women who put on makeup only for it to pretty much disappear after only a couple of hours? Or do you have fine lines that are visible even after putting on makeup? Primer is the product that can help you with those issues! Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Mineral is Step 1 of the brand’s Flawless Face philosophy. This primer is “ultra-silky, with a weightless finish that invisibly shields the skin”. The brand also claims this formulation “offers a good-for-you blend of vitamins and minerals to visibly improve the appearance of skin”

So how does it do in my opinion?

What’s good:

– It’s a good texture that visibly smooths the skin and mattifies it
– A little bit of product goes a long way, so it’ll last you longer (tube is 1.7 fl.oz./50ml)
– It’s good for all skin types, but I think specially for oily or combination skin is nice because it doesn’t fully strip the face of moisture
– It not only helps to “enhance” the look of liquid foundation, it can also be worn on it’s own (after moisturizing skin) for a nice, smooth, and fresh look.
– Formulation is non-comedogenic, meaning, it won’t clog pores which may worsen acne.

What’s not so good:
– I don’t think this could work with a powder foundation, mineral or not, especially for those with dry skin.
– Althought it visibly smooths the skin, it is not as effective for fine lines. And taking into account the dryness point above, it maybe the last thing a skin with lots of wrinkles may need.
– Laura Mercier products are pricey. Worth it, but still pretty pricey (US price is about 25.92€ but in Europe is that same figure, but change the $ for a €.)
– If you live in Mainland Europe, it may be a bit harder to get. Not many retailers hold it (if you live in Belgium only 3 shops stock the brand), ditto for online shops.

Paola’s mood after using this product: