If you don’t love Lauren Luke is because you have never seen any of her amazing makeup tutorials. So when she came up with this collection of brushes it was a no brainer I should get them. In a very bold move, I decided to contact her team and ask for some of these brushes so I could review them and should I like them, to give away to a lucky reader (see end of this post) below. They were super nice and answered right away! A lot of companies are quick to dismiss you, but I think taking into account Lauren is a working mom who started her YouTube channel on the side of her online makeup store, just to help her customers understand how to use these products (read her story here).

I have tried all the brushes for a while now and I feel comfortable about a proper review. So here goes!

It was a sunny and chilly afternoon when I opened my mailbox and found this mysterious black package. Without reading who it was from and for, I know it was for me. Not many parcels arrive home addressed to my husband with cute little pink ribbons.

 There was a lot more jumping and screaming. I’m not sure what came over me. Probably dealing with a 22 month-old most of the time instead of adults my age has made me react in such an unlady like fashion. Said 22 month-old thought whatever I received was too exciting for him to miss.

 In the one second I put the pack on the table to start dinner, the child grabbed my new brushes and decided to play with them. Above you can see mommy wrestling the pack away with child. Mommy does not share her toys, EVER!

Now back to the real business: the brushes. Here’s my detailed review of each of the brushes in the set:

Angled Liner Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is used  “for precise application of eye liner on both upper and lower eye lids. It’s also great for filling in the brows too. 155mm in length, PBT hair (Synthetic)”

What’s good about it

  • It is an extremely well made product. With angled brushes you see a lot that have a gap in the middle of the fibers. Not this one!
  • It is very soft and gently on the eye area and will still provide a very precise and professional application. Unless you have a shaky pulse and zero practice. No brush can help you then :-p

What’s not so good about it

  • So far I’ve not found anything I don’t like. Could be bigger for filling in brows. But if anything, makes the application more natural because you’d need more patience. With brows, I’d go the patience path.

Blending Eyeshadow Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is used “for all over eye shadow application and blending. 165mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • It is very soft and applies shadow beautifully. I mainly use it for blending previously applied color and it’s pretty awesome.
  • It’s a tad fluffier than other professional brands, which means you will achieve the blending effect much faster

What’s not so good about it

  • Maybe it’s the fact I’m still getting used to all these natural fiber brushes, but the washing is driving me crazy. The fibers don’t seem to stay in place after a good wash! I’ve tried to follow a couple of techniques I’ve found online and they have worked to keep the shape, but this one doesn’t seem to retain its original shape.
  • If you are used to a brush like MAC’s 217 brush, then you’ll need to get used to this one, it is slightly less sturdy. But that is not necessarily bad, it just needs getting used to.

Flat Contour Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is used “for sharp or subtle blending effects when using powder products on the cheeks, nose and jaw line. 185mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • Oooohhh, I love this brush! It is perfect for so many things, nor just contouring! You can highlight, contour, apply brush, dust fallout from dark shadows, apply loose powder / compact powder under the eye to seal makeup….
  • Fibers are very soft, so it feels very luxurious on your face

What’s not so good about it

  • I have more or less the same issue as the blending brush or retaining shape after washing, although this one is not as unruly as the blending one. More reasons to love this one!

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is “great for applying all over eye shadow and also for highlighting under the brow. 160mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • Does what it needs to do and won’t disappoint. This is especially important since you won’t need to buy an expensive brush of this kind ever again. I’m talking to you MAC 239!
  • You can use this for blending or smudging liner, too

What’s not so good about it

  • Nothing really. It’ s a good brush

Foundation Brush

According to the website, its characteristic “domed shape helps achieve a flawless finish and enables you to get right in to all those awkward areas of the face. It’s also an ideal brush for applying cream based products because the hairs are synthetic. 185mm in length, PBT hair (Synthetic)”

What’s good about it

  • Remember when I said I loooooved the contour brush. This one is my actual true love. I adore how amazing it is at applying foundation, concealer and any other complexion product!
  • The shape makes it very suitable for reaching certain areas of your face with ease, such as around the nose and delicate enough for under the eyes.
  • It is so freaking soft, I tickled my son with it when I first got and he loved it! Now I make sure it is high enough so he does not steal it from me.

What’s not so good about it

  • The constant fear my son will one day figure out how to steal it from me.

Large Powder Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is “an all round great brush for foundation, bronzing, blush and highlighting powders. You can pat on or sweep your make up to create a subtle effect on the face and cheeks. 185mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • This brush does what it claims to do. All face powder products are greatly applied with this brush, indeed!
  • It is soooooooooooooo big! Feels pretty decadent to apply anything with it. This is by far the largest brush I own!

What’s not so good about it

  • Nothing. It’s a good brush. Not as impressive tickle material as the foundation one, but gives my son the giggles, too!

Pencil Brush 

According to the website, this particular brush is “ideal for adding eye shadow to the lower lash line as well as creating a trendy cut crease effect on the eye lid and delicate blending on the outer corners. 160mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • It is a small, precise application brush for blending and smudging.
  • Definitely delicate enough for the eye area, something the MAC 219, the equivalent brush may not provide at times

What’s not so good about it

  • UUGGGHH! I had such high hopes about this one, but after the first wash, fell flat! Doesn’t keep it’s shape at all! Of all the eye brushes this one is the most unruly one of them all. It simply will not retain its shape! Lauren, if you are reading, tell me what I’m doing wrong with the washing!
  • Although I feel the MAC 219 can be a tiny bit pokey on my lower lash line, it is sturdy enough I will have the product only there and not all over the lower lid. With this one I get a lot of fall out, but again, it’s because of how fluffy it got!

Tapered Blending Brush

According to the website, this particular brush is “slightly longer than the blending shadow brush to allow for a more subtle blending effect of eye shadow, highlighting and contour powder. 185mm in length, Goat Hair (Cpara Hircus)”

What’s good about it

  • This is a perfect brush for all over blending of eye makeup, and as the website says can also be used to achieve a more subtle blending effect
  • Because the fibers are so soft, your eye will always feel great! And this is the best behaved of all eye shadow brushes in retaining its shape after being washed! Go figure, this one is the biggest of them all (longer bristles) and it’s the one that best stays in shape!

What’s not so good about it

  • Can’t find anything wanting about it. Except I become obsessed about its shape when washing it and sometimes even talk to it gently. Maybe that’s what I should do with the the other ones. And have a very long talk with the pencil brush!

The final veredict

Lauren has done a fabulous job with these brushes. It really does a great service to her image and I love that you see her using her brushes only, consistently throughout her videos. Some general points about the collection:

What’s good about it

  • The quality of the brushes is just great. Handles have a nice glossy black finish with the Lauren Luke name on them. The ferrules are metal with a nice pink finish on them. They really look very luxurious and on par with any proffesional makeup brushes
  • The softness is just amaaaaazing! I really like the attention to these aspect because a lot of brushes on the market focus their texture on really delicate areas, but these are ALL super soft and definitely tickle worthy. Ask my kid. He knows, but I’m afraid he is not quite speaking yet, so you’ll only get babbles and giggles back.
  • Did I mention anything about the price? This is a great selling point of these brushes. You get all the professional quality of the higher end makeup brands for almost HALF the price! You can get  4 flat eyeshadow brushes for the price of one MAC 239. And they work exactly the same (ok, Lauren’s it softer) So which one would you get?

What’s not so good about it

  • As I mentioned before, my ineptitude with the washing of the shadow ones and keeping them in shape seems to be a bit of an issue*. The pencil brush was a bit disappointing, but it still does a great job overall
Paola’s mood after using these products?

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