I attended the recent MAKE UP FOR EVER launch of Pro Sculpting products, and this beauty was among them. Readers of this blog know I’ve had a long love affair with a certain brow product, now with this product coming along, I feel we may have some competition!

Product Description:   See how lights and shadows can transform your brows. Give brows a shapely new look with Pro Sculpting Brow, specially designed to add new angled definition in 3 easy steps. The perfect 3-in-1 tool to define, blur and enlighten your brows. 3 easy steps to shape your brows: 1) Colour: define brow shape by pencilling along with light strokes 2) Shape: comb brows with the bristle round brush 3) Highlight: Apply the sponge tip concealer on the eyebrow arch

The product comes as a mechanical beveled pencil on one end, spooley brush at the other end and a sponge tip with a cream concealer. It contains 11.2g (0.01 oz) of products and retails for around 27€ ($27 or the cheapest retail price, £18)  

What’s good about

  • The colors is absolutely perfect! Not too warm, not too ashy, just a perfect neutral brown (I have shade 40)
  • You get the firmness of a pencil when applying with the more natural texture of a shadow. You can go subtle or more intense with this product.
  • It could not be easier to apply. If you are used to filling your brows with a regular pencil, there is a lot of tracing and filling. You can do all of these with this product, but there is an even easier way to do it, just swipe it over your brows (like a sharpie, almost) until you get the desired shape/intensity
  • The packaging is fantastic. You get 3 products in one: the brow pencil, a spooley to brush them and even a highlighter for the brow bone!
What’s not so good about it:

  • The brand is not that easy to get, unless you have a local store of Sephora. Some online retailers (like the ones I listed in this post) can ship worldwide, though
  • The concealer product is a bit hard to blend with the sponge tip applicator. The cream can look a little clumpy if you don’t blend further with fingers or another brush
  • Paola’s mood after using this product:

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