The Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet was an excellent place to see some of the latest trends in makeup for this Spring / Summer. Most looks were pretty simple and straighforward. Glowing, healthy skin was all the rage in the lovely ladies with hints of soft pink and peach colored cheeks. There was not a lot of color on the eyes, but there was a trend for bold liner and lashes and very subdued earth tones on the lids. Lips stayed on that trend with lovely pinks, corals, some warm reds, but not really a lot of bold colors (with two distinct exceptions).

After the jump you’ll find my favorite looks. What were yours?

Bold & Smokey Eyes

The following ladies went for a very strong eye, heavy on the liner all the way to the waterline. To maximize the effect, the rest of the face was kept very natural.

Claire Danes


Photo via Pop Sugar

The dress was a gorgeous red hot Versace gown, so Danes went for strong eyes with deep brown hues and nude lips. Her skin was wonderfully bronzed, but more in the glowy, illuminated way rather than sunkissed. Her makeup artist used Laura Mercier products for that wonderful flawless finish (see all Laura Mercier related posts here)

Tina Fey


Photo via Pop Sugar

This is one of the best Tina has looked on the red carpet. She always tends to get a lot of crap about her dresses (and in some cases with a good reason). Her makeup, however; is flawless. Dark hues, especially on the top lashline and lid, big lashes and defined brows. And to complement her fair skin a touch of pink bluh and lips.

Jennifer Lawrence


Photo via Pop Sugar

Jennifer is a lovely young lady with flawless complexion, so she really didn’t need much on her face. Still she wears a beautiful lovely glow on her skin with a slightly peachy pink blush color on her cheeks. Her eyes display the typical J.Law look: heavy on the dark eyeliner along lash lines (waterline included) and perfectly blended silver Dior eyeshadow. The lips are nude as well, which beautifully complement that lovely dimpled smile!

Full-on Glamorous

These ladies also relied on a very radiant complexion, but rather than accentuate one part of their faces, they went all out with their looks with bold eyes and a shade deeper than just “nude” on the lips. The whole point of their looks was just ultra glamour!

Sofia Vergara


Photo via Pop Sugar

Fellow Colombian and easy breezy CoverGirl Sofia Vergara went with an updated old Hollywood glamour for this red carpet look. Her lip color is a deep brick red which gives her this whole va-va-voom feel to her look (that could also be the boos, too). Her face is radiant thanks to warmed-toned blush and a bit of bronzer. Eyes are beautifully lined with a slight wing, tones are brown and lashes are long and full. I just noticed how bushy her eyebrows are though. They don’t look bad, but I mean they are not super thin, but quite full. And as you can see in this look they are not overly defined, which kind of works.

Jessica Alba


Photo via Pop Sugar

Jessica is probably wearing one of the boldest colors of the red carpet on her lips: a bright tangerine shade called Riviera from Hourglass, perfectly matching her peach dress. Continuing with the trend, Jessica’s face is radiant and glowing with the help of tintet moisturizer and bronzer; eyes are stunning in espresso and gilded eyeshadows and liner. Super long lashes give the look its final ultra-glamourous touch!

Emily Blunt


Photo via Pop Sugar

Emily is one of those actresses that tends to look absolutely radiant on the red carpet. I’ve even recreated one of her looks in the past, and this one for the Golden Globes is absolutely stunning. With a skin like hers, you can really pull off the radiant, glowing face very easily. She uses a subtle amount of bronzer and highlighter to play with her features as well as illuminating powder for a general shine (her makeup artist used Hourglass products). On her eyes she wears matte brown shades and espresso eyeliner and a pretty pink shimmery lipstick to match her ruby jewelry.

Hayden Panettiere


Photo via Pop Sugar

Hayden Panettiere may look like she probably belongs a few categories further based on her almost “no-makeup” makeup. But there is a key reason for this: she decided to really accentuate everything on her face, ever so subtly, but with outstanding results. She really did look great! She has a very young, sweet face, so it was easy to have that healthy glow on her face paired with pretty light pink cheeks. She chose a smokey silver grey eyeshadow, dark liner and super long, sexy lashes. Her brows are perfectly define, but do not overpower her features. And to top it all off, a lovely berry shade lipstick to brighten that smile!

Stylish Eyes

The women in this category opted for a very minimalistic overall look, yet have managed to accentuate one part of their faces in a pretty elegant and sexy way: a cat eye. This is what I call the 1960s sexy kitten look. Long, luscious lashes, nude lips, flicking black liner and barely there shadows, and a flawless complexion.



Photo via Pop Sugar

I think we can all thank this amazing woman for not only all these beautifull, melancholic songs, but for bringing back this makeup style. Her porcelain skin does look flawless with the only hints of color being her very subtle peachy blush and the bronze color used on her contour, which just accentuates her features in the best way possible. Lips are plump and nude with a tiny amount of gloss. Her signature eyes with matte eyeshadows, light color all over the lid and a dust of brown along the crease and outer corner, topped with thick black liner on the top lashline and super long eyelashes.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Photo via Pop Sugar

Victoria’s Secret angel has two features that will always pop no matter what: her full lips which she chose to accentuate anyway in matte deep red (mark Lipclick in Cha Cha), and her sunkissed look (a staple for most VS angels). However, the perfectly lined cat eye makes the look elegant and evoking of old Hollywood glamour. The eyes are pretty bare with the exception of the almond color eyeshadow along the crease and outer corner. The eyeliner is also in a dark brown shade to complement the shadows and a good coat of mascara has been applied to both top and bottom lashes.

Kate Hudson


Photo via Pop Sugar

I read Kate Hudson’s makeup artist inspiration was Brigitte Bardot and I have to say, it is great look on her! This is such a soft and “barely there makeup” look with the twist of these perfectly lined eyes that really works with her green eyes. The brows are well defined and filled in a light color and perfectly frame the eyes. Charcoal and nude tones were used as eyeshadows and the eyes were tightlined with a slight flick to give a little cat-eye look. The skin is flawless with a touch of coral blush and the lips are nude with a touch of sheen. If anything this is oneof those looks that proves less is more!

Zooey Deschanel


Photo via Pop Sugar

One of the staples of Zooey Deschanel’s look is those gorgeous dooey eyes and for the red carpet she went all out with this look. Her lids have beautiful warm, shimmery gold shades with a heavy liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye. The lashes are the center of the look. Top lashes are long and luscious, and to give a 60s Twiggy kind of look, the bottom lashes “painted” with liquid liner as well. The face is flawless with a hint of glow in the pretty light rose shade on her cheeks.

Beautiful Nude

This was definitely the year of the “no-makeup” makeup look and the ladies in this category are perfect examples of how to pull this look beautifully. For a moment it almost seems like this starlets are going bare, but upon closer inspection you’ll see a careful selection of shades that simply gring out their best features.

Megan Fox


Photo via Pop Sugar

When I first saw Megan’s red carpet look I automatically thought she looked absolutely beautiful. Over the years she’s, how to put it, “changed”, and by “change” I mean the type you get via surgery or fillers. Her face started looking weird. But to her makeup artist I have to say, bravo! for you have managed to soften up her features and make her look so fresh! She wears gilded eyeshadows on the lid, crease and outer corner, as well as softly on her lower lash line. Her brows are strong and well defined. She heavily contours with a light bronzer and adds a little color to the skin with a little pink blush. And to complete the look, a perfectly matching petal-pink lipstick to complement her jewelry.

Amanda Seyfried


Photo via Pop Sugar

Another actress going for the same nude look was Amanda Seyfried, which surprisingly followed someof the same guidelines as Megan’s: shimmery eyeshadows from the Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad, which includes running some of the product on the lower lash lines. Thick and long lashes open up the eyes beautifully. Her skin is also perfection with a subtle hnt of pink as blush. And her nude lip (which is almost like she’s not wearing any lipstick) has a matte finish which works wonders with her overall look

Anne Hathaway


Photo via Pop Sugar

Our dear Annie looked so simple, yet so gorgeous! She has give nude a brand new definition. Chanel products have been used to give her a nice “lit up” look, which goes perfectly with her fair complexion. She has worn quite a strong define brow that complements her cute pixie cut and frames her eyes, which only use greyish lilac tones on the lids. The cheeks have just a touch of illuminating powder and the lips are a very pretty shade of pink.


Which one was your favorite look? Was there any look from the Golden Globes 2013 you really loved?