Believe or not, in my giant stash of makeup, I’ve never had an eyebrow pencil. Sure, I’ve used pencil liners as eyebrow pencil, but I’ve mainly used special brow shadows or even brown-toned shadows to fill in my brow. I saw this Maybelline product at the store while shopping for something else, it was cheap and I thought, why not?
The Master Sape brow pencil is a “natural wax formula, with subtle color pigments” which “creates hair-like fine lines for the most definition.” It comes in 4 shades and one end of the pencil includes a grooming brush to add a finishing touch.

How did my first foray into eyebrow pencils go?

What’s good about it

  • Pretty affordable at 10€ and widely available
  • Include a spool / groomer on the other of the pencil to soften lines
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and those with contact lenses
  • Available in 4 colors

What’s not so good about it

  • This formula is so freaking waxy it’s annoying to apply. Slides off way too easily, I need a bit of grip to be able to define the brows better
  • I got the second darkest color and no matter how much I go through the brows, there is barely any color transfer. Seriously, I wonder how the lighter colors make any difference
  • The groomer is pointless with this product. As soon as you brush through the brows, most of the color goes away
  • Colors are a bit too warm, should they actually give out color, they’d be too red-toned

Check out this hot mess of brows. Eye makeup, lovely, if you remember I did review this gorgeous palette from Sleek (if you don’t remember here it is). Brows? Uggh!

Bottom line, I hated this product. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove Maybelline, it’s a great brand with great products, but this one totally missed the mark. I’ve since switched to MAC (which as usual, is great!)

Paola’s mood after using this product: