When it comes to makeup brands, NARS is one of those that always pops up amongst beauty enthusiasts. One of their most famous products, the illuminator in the shade “Orgasm” (yes, you read that right) is quite the best seller and favorite of beauty gurus everywhere. I love their illuminator; I have it myself in the shade Copacabana, so when I saw this product, “The Multiple” I jumped at the opportunity to get this in their most famous shade.

And what exactly does this stick do and is it a good product for your makeup bag?

The Multiple is a multi-purpose stick which can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks (and even to add a little color to the body!). In comes in 16 available shades in it has a creamy formula enriched with vitamin E and açai oil for antioxidant benefits.

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What’s good about it

  • One of the plus points of a product called The Multiple needs to be, by default, its versatility. This colors works well as a little lip shimmer, eye color, and definitely as blush
  • The texture is very nice and creamy which makes it very easy to blend
  • The shade Orgasm in particular really works well with pretty much any skin tone. It is a light pink with a peachy undertone with flecks of gold which means on very fair skins it will bring a beautiful pink without the orangy undertone. On darker skins it can still be intense enough thanks to the gold!
  • Nice and compact to carry around in your makeup bag!
  • If you are not particularly fond of this color, you can choose from any of the availale 16 shades!

To give you an idea of the size (14 g – 0.5 oz.)

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What it looks like open

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This is one way to apply, however; you will need to blend with your fingers (which is the recommended method of application by NARS makeup artists, anyway)

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Not a rash 😉 The color is actually quite pretty with flecks of gold (I swatched on my arm)

What’s not so good about it

  • It doesn’t last long. Powder helps to set it to last longer, but even then it disappeared after a couple of hours (well, that’s why they make it small, so you can carry around and reapply!)
  • Freaking expensive! It retails at 41€ which really, really hurt! Even if it’s multip-purpose, I find this price excessive.
  • For those living in Belgium, you can only buy it online. However, if you want to swatch before purchasing, online can be problematic.

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