My first ever Real Techniques purchase (the brand of brushes by famous YouTube makeup artists, the Pixiwoo sisters). Back when I first bought this kit, Sam Chapman was the face of this brand, her sister Nic has since join in the fun with new products. Some of the product in this set have become staples in my kit!

Product Description:


Real Techniques high tech brushes by Samantha Chapman help make you the expert. This Starter kit starts you off with the essential tools for creating eye definition. The Real Techniques kit by Samantha Chapman includes 5 full size brushes: base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and brow brush. All of these tools are held in a professional case & stand.


The brushes in the Real Techniques range are all colour coded and each colour corresponds to a key step of makeup application. Purple focuses on enhanced eyes. Synthetic taklon bristles, 100% cruelty-free.

What’s good about it

  • In general for all brushes, the bristles of all brushes are soft enough for the delicate eye are, while at the same time sturdy (where they need to be) for precise application
  • Also applicable for all brushes, these all have synthetic fibres, which makes the product 100% cruelty-free!
  • The set is very reasonably priced at 23 – 27€! Especially if you consider that you are getting a whole set of brushes for the price of a single MAC brush
  • The base shadow brush, even though the brushes are synthetic, is very good for both cream and powder products.
  • Because of the shape and density of the base shadow brush is similar to the MAC 217, it is really good for blending eyeshadows.
  • The deluxe crease brush is pretty good at something sort of unrelated to the crease: concealing. It works great when concealing the under eye area or when covering blemishes. The base shadow brush also works well for concealing.
  • The accent brush is absolutely perfect for any detailing around the eye. It works very, very well for lining the eye and I love using it to smudge product in the bottom lash line
  • For a very precise shaping of the lips, the accent brush works great. It’s less good at filling them in, though…
  • The brow brush packs any product intended for the brows (eyeshadow or gel) quite well and applies it evenly
What’s not so good about it

  • I have no use for the pixel point eyeliner brush. None. It is way too thick for eyeliner and too thin for eyeshow application. So far, I’ve jot figure out other ways to use that would not ruin it.
  • The brow brush is a tad on the thick side. I usually like an angled brush that’s thinner so it would work on both the brows and as eyeliner. This one is too thick for the latter.
  • The deluxe crease brush is a bit odd to use on my crease, maybe because I have hooded eyes and my crease is somewhat hidden. If you have hooded eyes, this may not be a good brush for your crease either.

Paola’s mood after using this product:

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