This one’s a short one with just a couple of poignant pictures. I think the whole Photoshop retouching of all sorts of ads for the beauty industry makes us forget one important fact: normal skin, even the most perfect one is not entirely even. There are pores, wrinkles, discoloration in some areas, bumps, pimples.

The picture below I took with my new camera (loving it) intending to show you can look great with minimum to no makeup


Diorskin BB cream on face, M•A•C Brow gel in Brunette on eyebrows

I thought I look awesome considering I’m only wearing BB cream and brow gel. Then I noticed it was sort of blurry which in a way smooths out some of the imperfections of my skin. My brain, I guess, is conditions to equate smooth with perfection.

I did, however; take another photo, a close up shot that turned out to be incredibly in focus


I could be wearing eyshadow, but my slightly hooded eye would not let you see!

And I have to admit, I don’t think it looks bad. Sure, you can see a couple of wrinkles, some bumps (maybe a touch of redness coming through), and some spots were my eyebrows are growing back…. But, I honestly would not mind seeing more pictures like this in the media or even amongst social media shares (an environment plagued by extreme photoshopping as well)

What do you think? How retouched do you like your beauty photos?