Spring is finally here which time to being out the dresses and lighter colors (especially the seasons bright greens, yellow, coral, and all shades of pink). I thoughts this would be an excellent time to make a brand new tutorial using some products I’m pretty excited about these days.

Additionally, I’m going to show you how to take this very nice day look and turn it into a night one, after all, I’m pretty sure a lot of you still have social lives, as opposed to mine (I put on all that makeup for this tutorial and stayed home. Fun!)

The first step of this process is to prep the eyes with some primer. Although I definitely have a favorite primer, I decided to try out Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray because it is a double action product. it works both in the lids and also under the eyes.

          1. Apply a very small amount of product in the back of your hand. Slowly press the pump as one full pump will definitely be too much!
          2. With your finger apply 3 dots under your eye and 3 dots under your lid. You should look like in step 3
          3. Look at yourself in the mirror and pretend you are part of the movie Avatar

Next, it is time to apply concealer. I do not have a very bad case of circles around the eyes, but I do have a lot of redness in the nose, cheeks, and eyebrows because I suffer from a mild case of rosacea. I have discovered Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Concealer which is perfect to mattify the redness and remove other imperfections.

          1. Again using the back of your hand, apply the product. I used just a small squeeze
          2. Apply concealer in the areas you need. The usual zones are under the eyes, around the nostrils, around the mouth. For me I’m adding mainly on the cheeks and on a horrible pimple I got on my chin. I won’t disappear, but it will not look so red. To apply, I usually use my fingers instead of a brush.
          3. Smile and then get serious again. This will ensure you applied and blended the whole thing well (if you see creases, then you know you have to blend better)

For foundation I have used a favorite I’ve featured in another tutorial, Clinique’s Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer. I’m using a lighter shade than before since I’m not as tan these days. The fact that I’m using tinted moisturizer instead of foundation helps make the look a little fresher, but still flawless.

          1. Apply the foundation on your face, the same way you did with the concealer, OR use a foundation brush and apply it there. I prefer putting the product on the brush directly because it will get the right amount on my face, the rest is absorbed by the brush. You do waste a bit of product like this, though.
          2. Blend in well, all over your face and next to your jawline. You can also try a bit on your neck if you think it’s necessary
          3. The final result should be full coverage and a color that blends in with your natural skin tone. Normally, when using foundation or moisturizer with any SPF, when taking a picture your face may look a little lighter than the rest, but that’s ok as long as your not looking too ghostly.

For the eyes, we should use very soft earth or nude tones. I am using a Sephora Collection Colorful Palette in Almost Nude. These colors are quite shimmery, but don’t worry about overdoing it on the shimmer, you really need to apply a lot of product before you can look too shiny, say, for work. We will only use 2 colors from this palette, the top two colors

          1. Apply color A (it is a light shimmery cream color) all over the lid. You may need to apply couple of times, so the color really comes through.
          2. Apply color B (it’s also a shimmery clay / sand color) on the crease. If you have hooded eyes like I do (meaning the skin on the brow bone falls a little bit over the crease), you should apply a little bit over the crease as well so the color comes through. Apply color on the crease using a window wiper motion

The next step in the beautification of the eyes is to me the one that really makes a real difference in the process. Lining your eyes will bring all the shadow colors together and provide a very nice backdrop for your mascara. I am using one of my latest obsessions, Clinique’s Black Honey Cream Liner, which is a gorgeous shimmery brown color liner. Clinique has more products in the Black Honey collection, which it seems to be a cult classic almost. This is the first product I tried and I love it!

          1. My preference for lining my eyes is to go as close to the lash line and flick it up a tiny little bit at the end. Whatever your preference, always load your brush generously with the cream liner and start at the middle and work your way out. After you reach the end of your line (whether it’s at the corner of the eye or a bit further), without adding extra product, go to the other corner and complete the line.
          2. Here you can see what it looks like with the eye close and open. When closed it almost seems like a straight line with a small angle at the end, but when you see it in the open eye, the line follows the natural curve of the lashes.

If you have been blessed with bushy, well defined brows, you can completely ignore this step because you are lucky enough to have a nice frame to your face. However, if you are like me and wonder if that random bald patch in your eyebrows is ever going to grow again, then this step is a must! This product I’m using is also one of my latest favorites, Benefit’s Brows A-Go-Go eyebrow kit. It contains brown wax and 2 tones of brow “zings”, meaning, color for the brows. It also contains a double brush, black pencil liner and two pink tones of highlighter color. Finally mini tweezers, to pluck any stray hairs.

          1. Load up the angled brush with the brown wax and start putting those hairs in place. Start at the middle of the brow and work the way to the end, then fill up the beginning until the middle. Since the wax is tinted brown, it may already provide the definition you need. If you feel they look nice already, you can skip the next step and move on to Step 7, highlighter.
          2. Use the brow zings to provide more definition. Use the other brush to especially fill in the spaces that require more coverage.

This next step will really make your eyes pop in the most flattering way possible, using the highlighting colors in the Benefit’s Brows A-Go-Go eyebrow kit.

          1. Apply pink highlighter color right on the brow bone. Load up your brush an apply thoroughly in both eyes. At this point it’ll look like a stark contrast between the eye shadow and this highlighter. Once you have applied to both eyes, take the same brush and blend it a bit with the shadow, so the line between the two is not too rough. Careful not to over blend
          2. Take the darker, creamier pink color to apply to the tear duct area.  This is a step that will lighten up your eyes, giving it a fresh, dewey look. The inset photo shows the difference between this highlighter and no highlighter. It’s subtle, but you can see a difference!

Almost finished! Finally, we put a little mascara. For the day look I’m using Buxom Lash mascara because it provides great volume and it is not clumpy at all! It almost looks like I have more eyelashes than I normally do. However, and this is a very important warning: don’t use this mascara if you plan to go out and do something that may make you cry, sweat, or receive water around the eye area because this thing is so NOT waterproof! Sucks because your eyelashes look so pretty! I cried my eyes out one day when wearing this and ended up looking like a raccoon almost instantly. (see at the end of this post for a alternative product)

          1. Load up the applicator with product, make sure you remove excess from the tip
          2. Apply from the root to the tips until desired.

Previously reported in this blog and a personal favorite, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum is the perfect lip approach for this look. Pucker up and then apply!

And we are done! Here’s the final result, with a comparison of how I looked like before

At the beginning of this post I mentioned you could easily turn this look from daytime to night time, with a couple of tweaks

As you can see the changes are very simple: Line your bottom as well, using pencil liner (I recommend Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil in Demolition) and remember to use a sturdy waterproof mascara, here I recommend using one reliable mascara, Clinique’s High Impact mascara
To add a little more sophistication to the look, apply a little bronzer (Rituals Sunglow Bronze is a great one) for a pop of color as well as a bit of contouring

          • Load up your blush brush with all the colors on the palette, blow on it and then apply to your forehead, nose bridge, apples of your cheeks, and chin / jawline. Remember to smile when you are doing this
          • If you feel you need a little contour, load up the brush again, but this time only focus on the bottom colors of the palette, which are the darkest. Apply under the cheekbones.
          • The final step in the night look is to apply lipstick, for longer lasting effect. Tinted lip balm and gloss will fade quick and you need to reapply more often. Use a lipstick such as Clinique’s Long Last Soft Shine lipstick, which will provide the shine a gloss will provide, but stay longer. Here’s I’ve used this in All Heart.
 Enjoy this wonderful spring! Your comments are welcome and look forward to reading them!