When you write a blog that talks about beauty products, you are always up to date with the latest trends. Some of those trends are, however; pretty annoying to keep up with. Luckily there are always a wide variety of trends to follow in beauty and fashion that are suitable for you. Still, I just don’t like the messages some of these trends convey. Read on and you’ll know what I mean (at least I hope you do!)

1. The “no makeup makeup” trend

I spoke about this trend for spring and it is going strong for summer. I think it is a lovely trend and there are great products to use to achieve the nude look. What I do not like about it is the emphasis it puts on “young and healthy” skin. I don’t know about you, but when I read or hear words like “youthful” and “juicy” it automatically means no wrinkles. Like there is something wrong with wrinkles. There is absolutely mothing wrong with that. Aging is a fact of life. It happens to all of us. Healthy is good. Other words that come to mind can be luminous, glowing. I can stand behind a trend that says that because who would not want a beautiful canvas that radiates health and beauty? Wrinkles are a part of it. As blogger Caroline Hirons puts it, “aging is a priviledge not everyone has”. Think about that for a second and wear your wrinkles proudly!

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2. Getting a bikini body for the summer

It’s getting warmer and the layers of clothing are coming off. The beauty industry has taken notice of your cellulite ridden thighs and flabby stomach with a wide assortment of products to get you bikini ready in no time. I don’t know about you, but getting into a bikini is not like getting into Harvard. There is basically only one requirement: have a body. That’s it. As with the aging of our skin, maybe this is just semantics, but I just wonder at what point does your body become so unsightly you are no longer “bikini ready”. 10 kg ago I already felt like a whale, and let’s face it, what you see in advertisements is a lot of Photoshop, anyway. Well, I’ll keep trying the creams, and the gels and the diets, because it’s some serious business getting back into shape; any miracle I encounter along the way will be very helpful! In the meantime, I just want to say f*** you summer! I’m going to squeeze my fat ass into those shorts and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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3. Grunge makeup look

This gorgeous model is rocking the grunge look like it’s 1992 and she is about to go to a Nirvana concert. There is absolutely wrong with her makeup. It’s a great look… on her. You see, on the average woman this could end up looking like she got caught in the rain wearing non-waterproof mascara. It is an extremely hard look to pull off. Not sure if you remember in the 90s with Calvin Klein and Kate Moss the look was dubbed “heroin chic”. No look with the word “heroin” (the drug, not heroine, a woman of disringuished courage or ability) can be good. Again, this is a beautiful look in theory, but it’s just not practical. I was watching some video tutorials the other day and one of them was a grunge inspired look. The comments were overwhelming about how the girl looked sick, or like she hadn’t slept in days. Trust me, the result was asprofessional as it gets, but this dishevelled look actually only works if you are, well, dishevelled.

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4. Nail art is still popular

This is one trend that’s been going on for a while and doesn’t seem to be stopping. Even the nude looks are getting a dash of nail art. I keep wondering all the time “who are this people who enjoy this trend?” And I don’t mean this as rhetorical question laced with outrage and judgement. I actually want to know who you are, your profession, composicion of your family… Because no matter how delicate I am and always get me nails stuck on whatever everytime I need to reach out for something in my purse (whatever it is, it will always be in that corner at the very bottom of the thing!) To make it even more complicated, some people are applying “3D” embellishments which are gorgeous to watch, but can’t imagine how to go to work with Hello Kitty ribbons or like the flesh eating disease embellishment of the photo! (They are not. They are supposed to be coral, as in, from the ocean coral.

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Those are my annoying beauty trends of the season. With a couple of them it’s about the actual practicality of them for mere mortals like us and not models and celebrities. The other two are more about the messaging and what they do to our psyche about what is acceptable and what is not in the way we look. I think I find the lattermost annoying of all!

What do you think aout these trends and what are your annoying beauty trends?