Some people have a lot of makeup. Then there are those in my category who would can probably go a couple of decades* without ever running out of makeup. But what if I just try to use *everything* I own at least once and see how long I can use my current stash?

The manner in which I came about this idea was two-fold. When I was writing often on the blog, I had a perfect excuse to buy makeup and beauty products: looks needed to be created, products needed to be reviewed. Then I stopped updating the blog for a while, therefore this continuous habit of purchasing makeup for reasons such as “it was sooo pretty” or “it was on sale” became less justifiable, not to mention downright irresponsible. I wondered, while it could take several years for me to actually run out of products, what if I try every single product in my stash at least once? How long would it take me to go through it all?

Challenge accepted!

Here’s how this whole experiment will work:

1. I will be using color stickers to mark every product used. Every time I use a product, I will put a red sticker on it. If I use the product 5 times or more, I’ll put a yellow one (and stop counting).


How long before I run out of stickers, though?

2. Regardless of the degree of usage, say, maybe I only use one shade from a shadow palette, it’ll count in the tally. I would expect those palettes may end up with more than one sticker.


Curious about how many times I’ll get to use this magnificantly impractical turquoise cream shadow

3. Absolutely no new makeup products will be purchased during this period. As of now. I may have bought some things between writing and publishing this post. **Oopsie!** Only stuff in point 4 is exempt


All these have spent at least 3 months in my drawer. Mostly. I think

4. Disposables, sanitizing, and skincare are out of scope and will be repurchased where applicable. One cannot forgo of brush cleaner. Or cotton buds. Or for god’s sake all the creams that keep me fresh-faced and rosacea-free.


Morning magic for peak freshness

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Just use #themakeupexperiment for all your comments and suggestions!

Let the challenge begin!