FYI: “Hauls” are blog posts or videos on YouTube where people talk about stuff they bought, usually beauty stuff mostly. I imagine this may sound idiotic, and it kind of is because it has no educational, nor entertainment value and it just makes you want to have the deep pockets these people seem to have. Why am I doing one then? Well, there is a purpose to this haul:

  • You will get an idea of the type of products you can find at IMATS
  • It’ll give you an idea of how much you could potentially be spending and carrying around during the event
  • You will get a nice preview of all the things I’m going to be testing and reviewing for you in the coming weeks!

Let’s get started and I promise this will be short in text!

1. Complete Makeup Cleaning System by BeautySoClean

Long story short: your makeup (and your brushes) have cooties. Lots lf them! Here’s a complete system to ensure all those creepy things die! The kit contains the following products:

  • Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist: to spray on powder cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Sanitizer (250 ml):
  • big bottle of product above

  • Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes: to clean mascaras, lip glosses, lipsticks, pencils…
  • Conditioning Brush Cleanser: to clean makeup brushes with a formula that sanitizes without the harsh chemicals
  • Scented Conditioning Brush Cleanser: same as above, but with Cupcake scent
  • 2. Primer and Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

    You already know I’m a lip tar fan! So of course I got me some goodies here!

  • Lip Tars: in shades NSFW and Black Dhalia
  • Stained Glosses: this is a new product, a lip tar with a glossy finish. I got the shades Androginous and Meta
  • Primer: curious about this one…. Works for both face and eyes.
  • 3. Eye products, lip gloss, and primer by Make-up Designory

    The brand was one of the main IMATS sponsors. What was sinteresting about this one was the multipurpose nature of these products:

  • Eye colors + palette: 4 refill shades (Midnight, Pink Grapefruit, Pacific, and Pomegranate) plus an extra one (shade Bronzed) as a gift for my purchases. These can be mixed with the next products
  • Brow fix: a gel to fix eyebrows in place and when mixed with eye colors you can make tinted mascara
  • Primer: face primer which can also be mixed with eye colors to make eyeliner
  • Lip Glaze:
  • gift for my purchases. Shade is Java

    4. Teeth Whitening Kit by Professional Teeth Whitening

    This one is self explanatory. It’s supposedly non-abrasive of tooth enamel, so it sounds good! The kit contains the gel, strips and a teeth color chart

    5. Fake Eyelashes by Star Gazer

    The middle box as you can see is just good’ol individual lashes. I chose size medium for a more natural look. But the real treat are the paper lashes on the side with the gorgeous embellishments! Not sure when or how I’ll wear them, but I can’t wait to try them out!

    20130703-184654.jpgBows! I’m thinking with a rose shade or 60s eye would look beautiful!
    20130703-184659.jpgButterflies on branches. I’ve not tought what to do with these just yet!

    6. Travel Brushes by Royal and Langnickel


    I already had travel brushes, but they were all synthetic brushes. This set has a mix of synthetic and natural brushes plus a very nice bag to keep brushes secure and add sme other things. On top of that, it was only £10, which is a massive bargain!

    6. Assorted “Cult” Skincare products

    Since I was in London for the weekend I took the opportuity to do a little skincare shopping. I’m lately a bit obsessed with the state of my skin these days and my I’m happy how my efforts have made a massive difference
    The following 3 products are the result of what seems to be now known as the “Caroline Hirons effect”. If you remember my IMATS post, she was mentioned there, but I’ll definitely talk more about this in future posts!

    20130706-215747.jpgEysilix, by Indeed Labs. A magical eye cream that so far seems pretty awesome!
    20130706-215753.jpgClarons Exfoliating Toner. I needed an everyday acidic toner (I already have this as treatment)
    20130706-215800.jpgEmma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Space NK stores in London are out of stock till mid July!

    8. Skincare by Ioma

    Ioma is a relatively new brand with an interesting skincare proposition. I had a consultation at Harrod’s where I had a macroscopic skin analysis in the Ioma Sphere, a contraption that looked out of a Star Trek movie! The thing takes a series of pictures of your skin to detect things skin texture (wrinkles, fine lines, firmness), redness, UV damage, pigment spots, bacterial activity and clogged pores. I’m currently using the following:

    20130706-215807.jpgIoma Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night(Moisturizer designed to tackle UV Damage and dehydrated skin)
    20130706-215814.jpgIoma Moisturizing Toning Lotion (hydrating toner designed to tackle UV Damage and dehydrated skin)
    20130706-215822.jpgIoma Soothing Day and Night (Moisturizer designed to tackle Redness)

    As you can see I have my hands, face full these days! What products are you most interested in reading about? Do you already use some of the above?