After trying these products for a while now I can finally agree with all the makeup artists out there who looooove and endorse these products. I was able to buy Urban Decay products in Sephora France and whenever in the US, Sephora is a must go place. Here’s my review of my two Urban Decay favorites: Eyeshadow Primer Potion and 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Before I discovered this one, I thought putting on a little foundation / loose powder would be sufficient as a primer. I mean, who needs primer? Well, if you are a fan of makeup that looks impecable and flawless, then you do. You can get away with using foundation a primer, but I find it the formulation of primer creamier, hence providing a better finish.

What primer does is to set the base for your shadow. Think about when you paint a wall. You want to first put a base/primer before painting your wall the final color. Thismeans you will get a more vibrant color and you minimize any imperfections the wall may have. Eyeshadow primers work the same way. It created a perfect base to apply shadow that will NOT crease and will stay on for a very long time. When using the primer potion, make sure you only put a tiny bit on each lid, otherwise you will get a goopy mess you won’t be able to fix.

I’m currently using the original formulation, which is a sheer, nude color in a 0.37 oz tube. The original packaging had an applicator (similar to the applicator of some lipglosses), but it comes with a needle nose like in the picture above. There are other formulations available with a touch of color that can also act as highlighter and/or even eyeshadow! I’m getting my hands on some of these very, very soon! This produc does not come cheap, but in my opinion, it’s worth it: 16€ in the French Sephora site or in the US site. The latter also has an offer of a larger tube for

24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil
On of the biggest grievances I have in terms of makeup is smudging. I kind of got used to the idea of ending the day with slightly darker circles under my eyes, product of my eyeliner. Then I finally had the chance to try this one! Awesome!

For starters, it is a very creamy easy to apply product. The stuff really lives up to its name, it definitely glides on. The color is vibrant and sometimes almost looks like liquid or gel liner. The icing on the cake? It stays on forever! Really, it is that fantastic, I have put on makeup at 10 in the morning and at 10 in the evening, it’s still as good as it was in the morning! No smudges, nothing! It even tough to remove with my makeup remover (not the best remover for eye makeup I should say).

This liner comes in great variety of colors. I mainly use Zero (black), but I have lately started using some brown tones (Demolition and Stray Dog – you gotta love these names!). Each eyeliner pencil retails in the French Sephora site at 16€ or at the US site (contents: 0.04 oz). Both French and US stores / sites have nice travel sets of 5 pencils of 0.03 oz each for or 29€. You can get them in Naked (brown tones + black) or Electric (metallic tones + black)

I really love both products and cannot recommend them enough! As a bonus, here’s a picture of a style I wore recently while on holidays (lots of heat and humidity) and as mentioned above, the look lasted all day with zero smudging!

This is a great look for the holidays, incredibly simple as well! If you like this, leave me a comment and I’ll publish a tutorial for it over the next couple of days!

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