People of Europe rejoice! As of today, 11th of March, 2013, the European Union has banned the sale and marketing of any cosmetic product containing ingredients tested on animals.
Let us celebrate this by looking at pictures of the most adorable animals you can possibly imagine


Bunny says “Thank You”. I say, you’re welcome baby bunny! You are gorgeous just as you are!

Already since 2004, a ban was in place in the EU not to test finished cosmetics on animals. Today marks another milestone in the fight of many animal rights groups (such as the Humane Society International), dubbing Europe as “the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics market”.


These cuties kiss their lipstick free puckers in celebration

Typical animals used for testing are rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs. With this ban, many of these animals will be spared a grim fate. The decision is one the European Commission claims “is in line with what many European citizens believe firmly: that the development of cosmetics does not warrant animal testing.”


Did you say pigs! Oh, I see the other kind. I still don’t think those need foundation either…

Of course, the phase-out of animal testing over the years in Europe has had an impact in these practices in US cosmetics manufacturers, in order to not hurt sales overseas. From a business standpoint, makes sense not to test on animals for sure!


My naturally silky smooth hair makes me look naturally emo-tastic!

If you want more information about the ban, make sure you read the official press release. And keep scrolling for more adorable animals!


Do these eyes look like they need ANY mascara?


Baby puffin dances with joy after he heard about the ban


What do you mean where did I get this hair color? It all natural, my friend!


Nope, those are not dollops of body cream….they’re impossibly cute little birds!


Hair gel for moi? No way! Fluffy all the way!

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